Every painting is a new challenge: do I succeed in transferring what I have in mind on canvas.

Before I start, let me ask myself a few questions:

  • What do I want to convey?
  • On what canvas size does this subject come into its own?
  • What is the best composition?
  • Do I add structure to the canvas before I pick up the brush?
  • What colors should I start with?
  • What atmosphere do I want to create and how do I achieve this atmosphere?

Now it’s time for the first brushstroke on the white canvas. Exciting!

I apply the paint in layers on paper, canvas or panel with a brush, paint roller, palette knife, cloth, sponge and/or my fingers.
By experimenting with different techniques or materials, I keep discovering new possibilities and pushing boundaries.

Sometimes it arises ‘by itself’ or ‘intuitively’, sometimes very well thought out.
At the beginning it is not always clear where a painting is developing, sometimes it finds its own way and I give chance a chance.